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baudown's Journal

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22 June
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Any fic found here is m/m and much of it is adult content. If that's not your thing, you won't want to look at it. If it is, you can find it in my journal entries, or in the right-hand side-bar, or in memories under the heading MyFic. Some stuff is on AO3, but not all.

My main obsession, as you may have guessed, is Spander, which grew out my obsession with BtVS. I have a love for Spike that is probably unhealthy. I haven't been involved in fandom before, and it's lucky for me that the fandom is still so active, since I came very late to the party. Like, years and years late. I originally read Spuffy, but quickly found I preferred Spangel, and I still occasionally cruise those waters. But S/X has my heart.

Other fandoms/pairings that I enjoy are: sga (John/Rodney), dueSouth (Fraser/RayK), Sherlock (BBC) (John/Sherlock), QAF (Brian/Justin).

I haven't written anything since I was about 13, which is several decades ago, so the fics you'll find here are really the first writing I've ever done. And I'm loving it! And sometimes hating it!

I live in NYC with my partner, who is very tolerant of my obsessions.

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