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Of Persons Outside Windows (Spike/Xander, PG-13)
Title:  Of Persons Outside Windows
Author:  baudown
Pairing:  Spike/Xander
Rating:  PG-13 (a very little bit of sex and language)
Disclaimer:  Don't own them. Just use them for my own loving and nefarious purposes.
Feedback:  As much as I can get, please.
Summary:  Set in an altered season 4.  They get to know each other.
Note:  This somehow doesn't feel done, or as if something's missing, or just not quite right.  But I've been fiddling around with it for weeks and weeks and weeks,  not wanting to let it go, and now I just have to take the leap.  Also, the title is again from Emily Dickinson.
Note 2: This won the Reader's Choice award, and was runner-up for Slash award at RWS, Round Ten!
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Of Persons Outside Windows

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Gods this is so pretty. Sad and desperate and a little funny but ultimately so lovely. I loved how the invitation symbolises the start or something or maybe acknowledgment of something that was always there. Probably some of the best Spander I've read so far.

First, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it.

Second -- wow. Thanks so much for saying this! It's an amazing, amazing compliment, and I'm both flattered and grateful.

This story is simply a joy to read. Loved the beginning with the spot on snark, the humour. You voices are just so good. I am very much a cannon person as far as the charachters go and I feel your Spike and Xander are firmly rooted in cannon.

I loved Xander's epiphany of Spike's situation and the recognition that they were in similar situations. I think that is something most of us Spikephiles question and comment on - the lack of any apparent awareness from the Scooby gang at Spike's situation - other than Giles rebuffed attempt to draw Spike in after New Man - of course much too early in Spike's changed circumstances to be asked even though the seed of change was there; and then never followed up on. Of course these shortcomings are so very human - we are quick to condemn and loathe to take a chance.

I am throughly enjoying my wet weekend's reading. Your writing is definelty the silver lining to the real clouds outside my window.

I think this is the closest I've come to capturing their voices accurately, so I'm glad they felt authentic to you.

I think Giles empathizes with Spike after A New Man because Giles has experienced what Spike has experienced for so long -- the interplay between the violence of the demon and the remnants of his human self -- which contradicts what he's learned about demons as a Watcher. I agree that the occasions when Spike is shown this sort of understanding are few and far between. I think Xander shows a little bit of compassion in Intervention, because he understands (in Buffy's words) that "weird love is better than no love." But until Buffy really sees him in season 7, these moments are very much limited to the rare instances when one particular Scooby or another is identifying with Spike in a very specific and limited way -- their understanding of him never broadens. Oh, poor Spike. My heart hurts for him.

"Of course these shortcomings are so very human - we are quick to condemn and loathe to take a chance." Exactly.

Yes I am with you on the Giles thoughts. I remember reading a fic a little while ago where Giles and Spike swapped bodies because of a Willow spell going wrong. I liked it because the author picked up on this thread of Giles experiencing first-hand the life of Spike and he was very much more sympathetic and admiring of Spike's ability to cope.
I had fogotten the Xander at the end of Intervention. Again I agree. I have to say that though i wanted sometimes to punch the writer's for Spike's treatment they really did give him a great story arc. It really is one of the best redemption arc's I can think of.
I was actually a bit dissapointed in Giles non-acceptance but when I think about it I am probably a lot more narrow minded and quick to jump to conclusions now then in my younger days. Maybe that is the true curse of aging - a closing mind.
I totally cried when Spike burnt even though I knew he was back the next year. It just seemed way harsh and tragic. Damn that Joss! He made me love this charachter hard!

This was a lovely read. The voices were spot on! Just perfect!

And I loved the angst which you did very well indeed! And thank you for the happy ending. :)

Thanking you again! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.

I came to this from RWSA, and expected something short and sweet. Not sure why. Instead I got a wonderful, deep, and satisfying pas de deux that is truly transporting. All of Xander's difficulties -- lifelong and present day -- could easily have closed him off more, but you've managed a gorgeous tale of his damaged heart unfurling at last. Well done.

Oh, what wonderful, thoughtful feedback. I've been having a rough few days, and your words really lifted my spirits. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. If you care to, please poke around here at your leisure -- I'd love to hear what you think!