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I Hope This Letter Finds You In Good Health
Title:  I Hope This Letter Finds You In Good Health
Author:  baudown
Warning: I guess, abuse, masochism?
Note:  This is a song or a poem or something that is not Spike/Xander or BtVS related, other than that it was born out of a very intensive period of Spike-obsessing. It's more related to several situations I know of through my RL work.

I Hope This Letter Finds You In Good Health

One night, is all it took before I knew
One night, and all that I can see is you
Tied up face down on your bed
I see the world that lies ahead
And with your hand across my eyes
I see the kindness in your lies
And the sound of one hand smacking
Makes me see what I’ve been lacking
In just one night

Three weeks, I’m here, a princess in your tower
Three weeks, I feel you every captive hour
And a bruise becomes like art
You paint with passion from your heart
And as I watch it bloom and grow
That’s when I know you love me so
And when I’m draped in black and blue
No longer me, I’m only you
I’ve known you three weeks

Six months, your touch is harder now to feel
Six months, touch me harder so it’s real
Don’t hold back, do what you can
I’m just a girl but you’re a man
Show me who’s your precious whore
Hurt me harder, love me more
Cause the pain you deign to bring me
Is a love song that you sing me
Yours for six months

One year, and now you feel so far away
One year, I miss it more than I can say
When you made my blood run free
It’s then I knew who I should be
It’s the gift of breaking bone
That let me know I’m not alone
It’s because I was so battered
That I knew I really mattered
They can’t see that love means dying
And how hard we both were trying
For that one year

One year, until they let you leave that place
One year, until the crush of your embrace
Inside your blade felt like a dream
I didn’t know they’d hear me scream
Don’t know why that fucking cop
Thought I wanted you to stop
But while you’re serving out your sentence
Just pretend to feel repentance
Know that though my body’s healing
It still aches to ache with feeling
And though we’ve been ripped apart
You’re still the scar that heals my heart
So on my knees I pray and wait
For a love that loves to hate
Was it God that brought you to me
So you’d give me what was due me
You’ll succeed at what you tried
Yes, I’ll be your broken bride
In just one year