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The Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day Nine
Day 9 of the Fandom Snowflake Challenge: In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) but you ended up loving. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Okay, I've already confessed to my weird seekrit Spike/Riley ship and offered recs on Day 3.  But it's a new day, so you're getting more.

Now, I have a lot of faults, not the least of which is being judgmental.  However, that does not extend to fandom's tropes, pairings, ships, and kinks.  If you love Conner/Principal Snyder, go to town, I say!  Which is not to suggest that there aren't things that squick me, personally, because there are.  And a big one used to be Xander/Giles.  This pairing just totally creeped me out -- it felt so wrong to me, and not in the good-wrong way.  But of course, sparrow2000 convinced me to give them a try, and while I don't generally go looking for Xander/Giles fic, I have to admit that some of it is amazing.  I'm going to rec:

1. The Giles Thing, by drsquidlove -- It's sort of a gateway drug to this pairing, because it starts with Xander and a young Ripper.  This story is totally engrossing, has a great, funny Xander voice, and is hot.

Another pairing that makes absolutely no sense to me is Xander/Ethan.  Why, oh why would this ever happen?  Well, these two stories answer that question:

2. Divine Possession, by The Spike, and Sacrament: Initiation Rites, by debchan -- Bizarrely believable and hotter than a hot thing.  Like, burning hot.  Scorchingly hot.  The operative word here is hot.

On the other hand, Giles/Ethan has always made total sense to me.  The subtext in canon feels pretty overt, too.  But despite the plausibility of the pairing, I've never had an interest in reading fic about them, until recently, and now I'm reading them quite a bit.  The story that did this to me is:

3. In the Morning of the Magicians, by Indri -- This is now my head canon about Giles and Ethan.  It's beautifully written, extremely compelling, and feels so dead-on that throughout reading it, I just kept thinking, "Well, of course it happened that way!  Nothing else could have happened!"  Really, an iconic BtVS fic.  A must-read, IMHO, as are the other two stories that along with this one make up The Magicians Trilogy: Halfway There and Ethan Rayne Versus America.


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(Deleted comment)
It's a great story! Well, obviously, I think they all are, or I wouldn't be recycling them. I can't believe I found something you haven't read!

Hee, you make it sound like I stood over you with a big stick until you...actually, then again... *g*

I agree The Giles Thing is just the intro into Giles/Xander if it's not your thing, so I'm so happy I could bring you to this pairing because I know it was way, way out your comfort zone.

I love Xander/Ethan - as you say, these stories are just hotter than hot.

And yes, In the Morning of the Magicians is also gorgeous.

Great recs, hon.

Never think that your big stick is unappreciated. *g*

My pleasure!

It was only after posting this that I realized I'd never left feedback ( I read it on your website, not lj)! I've now remedied that error.

I hope the rec sends even more people your way!

Oops -- that comment was from me.

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