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Look (Spike/Xander)

Title: Look

Author: baudown

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Disclaimer: Not Mine

written for: open_on_sunday

Prompt: Alanis Morissette (Album title: Under Rug Swept)

Word count: 100

If you'd asked him yesterday to name the place he'd least expect to find himself -- well,  in bed with Harris would've led the list.

Even more unexpected: it had been bloody brilliant.

So he feels a right prat, sneaking off on the boy, but he'll do what it takes to avoid the Look.  The Look that says he's a stain on the bedsheets, the nasty evidence of a monstrous mistake.  Thanks ever so, mate, but I'd best wash that out, before it sets.

But when Harris says wait, the look on his face -- it isn't the Look.  Not at all.

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I have read entire stories just for want of this scene and now I'm just like...

Of course, that's how I feel about all your drabbles, so there you go.

Ha! This comment/link made my day!

I promise I'll do something longer again, but when?

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