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All of these sound terrific, but may I please vote for - and by vote for, I mean threaten to rip out your entrails if you don't finish - this one?

4. Crazy Spike:

He's hidden all the sharp objects -- just a precaution, Buffy had whispered, as if it were an afterthought. But the first night Spike's there, Xander wakes with a racing heart, and a sweeping sense of dread. He finds Spike in the bathroom, curled up in a corner, stark naked, humming softly to himself. There are fresh gouges in his chest, atop barely healed old ones. Blood everywhere, and the mirror's been broken.

Spike holds up a bloody shard, smiling shyly. "Mummy's brought me a spade," he says.


You're offering the stick instead of the carrot, eh?

This Crazy Spike story is the perfect example of my main writing problem. I started off feeling really inspired, and the beginning just wrote itself, and I was very much enjoying the process of writing it. And then at some point I lost direction, and lost enthusiasm, and lost any sense of what I wanted this story to say. You can't imagine the number of stories I've abandoned this way. It's frustrating. Although I do think the ideas, and sometimes even the language, work their way into other stories. I'm pretty sure this Crazy Spike thing was somewhere in my head when I wrote the piece for sb fag ends that you commented on yesterday.

I'd like to do more with it, if only to avoid entrail damage. *g*

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