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Oh, your seekrit Spike/Riley obsession! See how my brain works? When you just say you're into Spike/Riley I'm all, oh, really? But when you bring seekrit into the equation, then I'm all, oh yeah, I remember that. *shakes head*

Dr. Squidlove has a Giles/Xander story that I haven't read? How did that happen? I'm only partway in. Ripper has vanished out the bathroom window and who didn't see that coming? Excellent so far! ;-)

*squee*!!! And you're rec'cing Indri. Excellent.

It's a great story! Well, obviously, I think they all are, or I wouldn't be recycling them. I can't believe I found something you haven't read!

Hee, you make it sound like I stood over you with a big stick until you...actually, then again... *g*

I agree The Giles Thing is just the intro into Giles/Xander if it's not your thing, so I'm so happy I could bring you to this pairing because I know it was way, way out your comfort zone.

I love Xander/Ethan - as you say, these stories are just hotter than hot.

And yes, In the Morning of the Magicians is also gorgeous.

Great recs, hon.

Never think that your big stick is unappreciated. *g*

My pleasure!

It was only after posting this that I realized I'd never left feedback ( I read it on your website, not lj)! I've now remedied that error.

I hope the rec sends even more people your way!

Oops -- that comment was from me.

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