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Great selection you have here! And I could not agree more about sparrow2000's fabulous rec list!


Nice recs. I've never seen Spikecentricity before; you're right about the episode reviews. Very excellent.

She has a very original way of looking at things, and the essays always get me thinking.

Hah, I just got home from work and posted my own day two and I also mentioned Spander Files.

And thank you so much for the lovely comments about the rec lists. It remind me, I really need to do an update :)

Looks like a great list! I have never seen the first two and will definitely check them out. You should post this at Buffyverse_Top_5!

Oh, good. Being a Spike lover, I think you'll definitely enjoy Spikecentricity.

As for Top 5...do these sites meet the criteria? I thought it had to be things created in 2013. Maybe when Classic recs rolls around again.

Oh yeah. You're right. Forgot about the create date.

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