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In Times Of Joy And Sorrow (Spike/Xander)
Title: In Times Of Joy And Sorrow
Author: baudown
Pairing:  Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: Don't own or profit from them
Written for:  open_on_sunday
Word count: 100
Prompt:  Placebo (Song title: I Do)

The pain, the pull, the liquid pulse of pleasure.  Right and wrong, yes and no, life and death, distilled and crystallized into a perfect whole.

Each time a little longer, a little deeper, a dance on the edge of a knife.  Each time, a little slower to emerge, a little weaker when he does.

Spike's eyes are glassy, skin flushed a borrowed pink.  Wet-dog head-shake, and his brow unfurls, fangs receding.

"Good?" Spike asks.

A nod.

Then, softly, "Love me?"


And lower still, "Hate me?"

"Yes," Xander says, and all of it is true.  "Spike, I do, I do."

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Lovely. Love your Spander. Love the feelings. :D

I wasn't sure where I stood on this right away; it seemed a little sad, heartache-y, maybe. But when I listened to the song with it the tone clicked for me; it feels much more...transcendent? Yes. I get it. (Well, I feel like I get it.)

Great use of the prompt, great song choice. The story complimented the mood and the song itself is just so 90s/00s that it would've been perfect canon. Excuse me whilst I go create a new Pandora station.

Well, it feels to me like more than one thing -- joy, sorrow, a wedding vow, as per the title. I think that the act is intense and unique and ritualistic in the way it connects them and bonds them to each other. But it's also dangerous, and probably evokes many mixed emotions -- guilt, shame, anger, pleasure, loyalty, love, etc. So yeah, sad, and also, not sad.

Beautiful and disturbing at once! Well done.

That's pretty much what I was aiming for, so thanks!

You've created your own little echo chamber here - the intimacy whispers over and over. Beautifully done.

Oh, what a beautiful comment. Thank you, hon.


Totally a version of Spike/Xander I can get behind. :D

Sorry for the late reply -- I missed this somehow. Thanks!

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