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OUTCH!!! Xander, you bloody ... !!!!!! *headdesk*
Poor Spike! Always love's bitch, right? *sigh*
Love the voice of Spike's thoughts and his reactions to it. You got it very well.
And Xander's blindness? Oh, boy! :D

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It always takes him by surprise, and with a wallop!

Thank you!

Spike making his oblivious boy beans on toast. Ever the romantic, our vampire! *g*

I figured he could manage beans on toast!

'Just take whatever you want.'

Clever and lovely as always.:D I so enjoy your writing.

And as always, thank you.

Awwwww.... This kinda breaks my heart. Spike's answer... oh. Poor thing.

He gets sucker-punched by love every time. And it always breaks my heart.

"Just take whatever you want."

You're killing me; I am dead.

I will resurrect you with the laying on of (imaginary) hands.

This sounds just about right. Give him another ten or so years Spike, I'm sure he'll figure it out.

Unless, of course, Xander stumbles across Spike's Xander-shrine first.


Oops! That reply was from me.

"Just take whatever you want." God Xander, figure it out!

Well done.

His obliviousness is part of his charm. Kinda.

Thank you!

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